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BMP-9 (Bone Morphogenic Protein-9)

Analyte: Bone Morphogenic Protein-9

Specimen Type: Serum

Optimum Volume: 0.4 mL


2-8°C -20°C -70°C
3 days 6 months 6 months

Reporting units: pg/mL

Method: Chemiluminescence

Biological or Clinical Significance:

Bone Morphogenetic Protein 9 (BMP-9), also known as growth differentiation factor 2 (GDF2), is encoded by the human CDF2  gene.  It belongs to the TGF-β cytokine family whose members play an important role during prenatal development and postnatal growth, remodeling and maintenance of a variety of tissues and organs. BMP-9 can signal through the ALK1 receptor and has been implicated in a number of physiologic events. These include regulation of the hepatic reticuloendothelial system, glucose homeostasis, and iron homeostasis, as well as the inhibition of angiogenesis.

Principle of Test Method:

The BMP-9 assay is a chemiluminescent immunoassay.  Assay Range: 2.4 - 2,900  pg/mL

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